ICC World Cup 2015

Cricketing rivals Australia and New Zealand are working closely to host the 2015 Cricket World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. Equal share of matches have been allocated to both the countries. 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup will be the eleventh Cricket World Cup. The location of the stadium for the final for the 2015 Cricket World Cup in Australia and New Zealand has not been finalized. 2015 Cricket World Cup in Australia and New Zealand will be a fun party that wills last days.

Incidentally this is the first time since 1992 that a major international cricket tournament like World Cup, Champions Trophy or T20 World Cup is being held in Australia or New Zealand. The 2015 Cricket World Cup will be the 2nd time this tournament has been jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand, the first being the 1992 Cricket World Cup ,won by the Pakistan .
The hosting rights were awarded at the same time as those of the 2011 Cricket World Cup, which New Zealand and Australia had originally bid to host, and the 2019 Cricket World Cup. The 2011 tournament was awarded to the four Asian Test cricket playing countries India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in a 10 to 3 vote (although Pakistan has since lost its hosting rights). The International Cricket Council were sufficiently impressed with the trans-Tasman bid that it was decided to award the next world cup to them.

Castrol has recently tied up as the official ‘performance partner’ of ICC until the end of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Castrol is the only sponsor of the forthcoming ICC World Cup 2010, which has Sachin as Brand Ambassador. This places the world’s leading lubricant company in a unique position to leverage the partnership for itself and its consumers. Ravi Kirpalani, Automotive Director & Chief Operating Officer, Castrol India Limited, said: “We are really excited about joining forces with the cricketing legend – Sachin Tendulkar, as our global brand ambassador. With Castrol as the world’s greatest lubricant brand and Sachin as the world’s greatest cricketer, we see this partnership being tremendously successful”

The ICC, the International Federation for Cricket, they have various categories of membership. Australia and New Zealand are right up the top of course, test playing nations, but then you have categories of membership underneath that and some of our island countries are in the next level down called associate members and some of our other island countries are in a further category down called affiliate members. Now to move up into one of the higher categories, you have got to actually beat somebody who is ranked higher than you and the Pacific Games will now give some of our countries an opportunity to do that in an official tournament, so here at home.

ICC has announce world cup 2015 Schedule.Teams from five continents prepare to meet in Italy next month as the truly global nature of international cricket is illustrated once again with the Pepsi ICC World Cricket League Division 4 (WCL Div. 4).Teams from Nepal, USA, Italy, Cayman Islands, Argentina and Tanzania will converge on Bologna to compete in the fourth step of the World Cricket League as they push ultimately towards inclusion in the next ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifier (CWCQ) which is scheduled for 2013.

The top four finishers of the ICC CWCQ 2013 win themselves a place at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 to be staged in Australia and New Zealand. The top two sides at WCL Div. 4, which will be played from 14 to 21 August in Bologna, will win promotion to the WCL Div. 3 to be staged in Hong Kong in January 2011. The sides are to be hosted on three grounds for the tournament – Pianora, Medicina and Bologna.

78 Responses to ICC World Cup 2015

  1. ASHUTOSH says:

    i think which country arrenge the world cup never that team winner so no aus/n.land

  2. Cricket world cup says:

    According to me Australia.

  3. Rohit says:

    Australia win no ought

  4. waleed says:

    Pakistan will win the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 !!!


    we have show the india power of austrlia we win the world cup and we done it and the champion of 2011 world cup

  6. Pragnesh says:

    I think it will be the best viewing experience at the same time very unpredictable matches is well!

  7. sunny prasad says:

    Defntly……INDIA will rock againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn………………

  8. Prem Singh Bishnoi says:

    India will be again champion however it be a little without sr tendulkar.sehwag and ishant will shine.

  9. Prem Singh Bishnoi says:

    India will be again champion however it be a little difficult without sr tendulkar.sehwag and ishant will shine.

  10. KAREEM says:

    i am sure tat my austrila is going 2 get world cup in 2015

  11. sami says:

    pakistan 2015 ka worldcup jeta gha

    • Karanjit says:

      You know Sami that the rivalry on 30th March in Mohali, When India beat Pakistan. Still Pakistan were playing well but not much. Because India will win the 2015 world cup and if not then take this reply back from me.

  12. Dinesh Goel says:

    I Think India Will Lift The ICC Cricket world cup.Otherwise Its Australia, Sri Lanka, Netherlands,Ireland Or Kenya Kenya = 99 PERCENT

  13. Jeevak bose says:

    INDIA won the icc world cup 2011

  14. how, many team played in world cup 2015

  15. manas says:

    nz will win

  16. world cup says:

    no asutosh india won it
    i dont think india will take the cup again
    its south africa’s turn now

  17. nishith says:

    i think in which country the matches are played that country will won the match.But Australia is better than Newzeland.So Australia win the match

  18. Suryayan Ganguly says:

    i think Icc’s decision to held the world cup in Australia and New Zealand will be a great one as because this two places are very beautiful and there is fantastic atmosphere to play cricket . And obviously it is ” The cup that counts”

    • Suryayan Ganguly says:

      As a typical Indian i would say that the cup will remain another 4 years because again India are going to the World Champions

  19. abhijeet says:


  20. india will win againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  21. S.R.SATHISH says:

    next world cup winner is also INDIA……………….:-)

    proud be INDIAN

  22. DEEPAK says:


  23. deepak says:

    i think this time 2015 india or newzealand will win the cup 100 % best of luck india

  24. deepak says:

    defneatly gambhir will be played very nice in batting and zaheer ,yuvi ,bajji wil play nice in bowling and the captainship must be to mr dhoni only

  25. next world cup winner is india or either england

  26. next world cup winner is india or either austrila

  27. pistrick praveen says:

    india will WIN…..

    • pistrick praveen says:

      Pakistan is the waste team of India..ha..ha…ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..h..ha..ha..ha…ha..ha..aha…..ha…..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..

  28. pistrick praveen says:

    sorry waste team of the world

  29. jeevak says:

    the team will play better the team will win.

  30. Ankit says:

    It is only INDIA who can dominate International cricket……….
    india will won.

  31. SHOAIB says:


  32. SHOAIB JAMAL says:


  33. krishnendu says:

    from my view it should be in pakistan

  34. RABIEA says:


  35. Chethan gowda says:

    Definately My mother India will going to win the world cup 2015 in Australia.
    Goooooooooood Luccccccccccccccccck India………………….

    • ALI says:



  36. Sachin A. says:

    If god ( sachin t. ) participate in indean cricket team for worldcup 2015 we will 100% winner.

  37. ALOK TRIPATHI says:


  38. Ayush says:

    One and only one INDIA win,,,,,

  39. sonu says:

    i think india win again 2015 WORLD CUP FINAL

  40. Sidd Aroskar says:

    Australia will win world cup 2015 and India will lose the finals against Australia Michael Clarke will win his own nation. India is a idiotic nation for cricket BCCI is horrible.

  41. Sidd Aroskar says:

    India got whitewash against Australia and England

  42. Sidd Aroskar says:

    All the best Australia and from Sidd good llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllluck.

  43. Sidd Aroskar says:

    The nations Ausralia and New Zealand are real clean pitches but Australia will win 5 titles

  44. Sidd Aroskar says:

    I hate India

  45. Sidd Aroskar says:

    BCCI is so horrible and BCCI world cups were fluke.

  46. Sidd Aroskar says:

    8-0 whitewash from Australia 4-0 and England 4-0 so 4+4 =8.

  47. prasenjit chowdhury says:

    i think , bangladesh will won 2015 world cup becouse today bangladesh team looking like 1996 winer sreelanka.

  48. prasenjit chowdhury says:

    about sidd aroskar,

    are you mad?
    ofcourse you r from mother of terrorist.

  49. kathan says:

    pakistan thuuuu sala bhangi,ausssie oh shit ,nd india will be again winner

  50. kathan says:

    pakistan thuuuuu thuuu sala bhangi,australia bhi bhangi sada hua uski maa,india wah wah nd will again win d world cup

  51. Fayaz says:

    Lanka or Bengal
    Lanka due to d top order and bowlers
    Bengal due to all rounding batting n bowling department

  52. Stuart John Pearson says:

    If Australia cannot finally win this event at home then the hard luck story of World Cricket the Black Cap (New Zealand) might surprise all. Although what the Black Caps did to Kenya in 2003 at Nairobi was a disgrace.Once Sachin retires India will need to rebulid. Pakistan is my dark horse like 1992 when they won.

  53. ashu says:

    it is good to have a world cup in australia because the grounds are moderate

  54. ayushman das says:

    india rocks hope dhoni tries his luck again and make micheal clarcks head ashamed

  55. Sidd Aroskar says:

    Prasenjit chowdary i am from Australia and Australia will win the world cup you don’t know how to spell Sri Lanka you spelled it as sreelanka

  56. atif aslam says:

    bharti jahil0 khud pay itna gharoor na karo . aur apni team ko 2015 main aussies k homeground pay ruswa hotey daikh lena.

  57. India will be again champion however it be a little difficult without sr tendulkar.sehwag and ishant will shine. i love tendulkar very.

  58. shehroz khan says:

    inshallah pakistan will win the 2015 world cup

  59. shehroz khan says:

    pak will win inshallah

  60. Subhod V Acharya says:


  61. abhishek says:

    East or best india is a best…………….


    North & South Sabh ko kera out……….

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