Total 10 teams had qualified for the upcoming Cricket World Cup 2015. Although there was plan to have additional non test members but eventually they were excluded because two of the bottom ranked team defeated cricket giants India and Pakistan which created disaster for the broadcaster of Cricket World Cup 2007. Almost 3/4th of cricket audience didn’t watched the rest of the matches.

Below are list of Teams to participate in ICC CWC 2015

No.TeamMode of Qualification
1AustraliaICC Full Member
2New ZealandICC Full Member
3IndiaICC Full Member
4South AfricaICC Full Member
5Sri LankaICC Full Member
6EnglandICC Full Member
7PakistanICC Full Member
8BangladeshICC Full Member
9West IndiesICC Full Member
10ZimbabweICC Full Member

Schedule of Cricket World Cup 2015 is yet to be published.

17 Responses to Teams

  1. L vasudevan says:

    y no associate teams . if icc thinks that they have to improve then they must play international cricket aganaist top class teams or atleast they must have international tours in home and away at regular intervals atleast 3 tours a year atleast between themselves

  2. RISHAB TYAGI says:

    india win this world cup

  3. Shivashish Sinha says:

    Much has been said ab0ut the inv0lvement 0f the Ass0ciate Teams in the Cricket World Cup 2015 but the narrow fact remains unt0uched that h0w will this be helpful t0 the ass0ciate teams if they are l00king f0r a pr0mised supp0rt fr0m ICC. Either diss0lve the Ass0ciate gr0ups 0r give them a chance t0 atleast pr0ve themselves. The perf0rmances 0f Ireland and Netherlands say a l0t f0r the Cricket World Cup 2011.

  4. akshay says:

    you have to win australia or india

  5. Sidd Aroskar says:

    India should be out of icc world cup 2015 and Australia will win after 8 years

  6. abel joseph says:

    icc world cup ,i like it

  7. abel joseph says:

    india will win,i am promise

  8. javeed says:

    Pakistan win

  9. Haroon says:

    The should let Afghanistan play since they are doing really well now a days beating all these small team…… Even though we never had cricket in Afghanistan but we are talented we know how to play we will show the world …..

    Long life Afghanistan Zinfandel bad

    • Haroon says:

      Sorry for mis spelling wasn’t paying attention so it is they I mean ICC and the last is zindabad afgأفغانستان

  10. Ramesh ayer says:

    nepal also particpate

  11. really win west ind or India

  12. aarthiraja says:

    India is going to win again

  13. romal says:

    afghanistan will win the 2015 world cup inshaallha

  14. austine says:

    india will win the world cup third time………

  15. austine says:

    iam wishing the associate teams to show brightness in their selection matches……..

  16. rajukumar says:

    India is win. I confidens

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