Venues for Cricket World Cup 2015

Cricket World Cup 2015 is an international tournament of International Cricket Council to be played in 2015 co-hosted jointly by Australia and New Zealand.

Earlier Australia and New Zealand bid for the 2011 World Cup but lost the bid in the voting. Therefore, both the country were awarded rights to host Cricket World Cup 2015.

Although there has been no official word on venues of world cup, below are the most potential venues for the world cup matches.

Grounds in AustraliaCityCapacity
Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)Melbourne100000
Sydney Cricket GroundSydney46000
Adelaide OvalAdelaide40000
The GabbaBrisbane42000
WACA GroundPerth27000
Bellerive OvalHobart16000
ANZ StadiumSydney82000
Manuka OvalCanberra15000

Grounds in New ZealandCityCapacity
Eden ParkAuckland63000
AMI StadiumChristchurch50000
University OvalDunedin6000
Seddon ParkHamilton12000
McLean ParkNapier22000
Queenstown Events CentreQueenstown19000
Westpac StadiumWellington40000
Basin ReserveWellington13000

56 Responses to Venues for Cricket World Cup 2015

  1. Mohammad Awais Ahmed says:


  2. Raja Naveed (Australia) says:

    cricket we love you

  3. asgduxgdvc says:

    india jeeth gaya. this is my prediction

  4. rahul says:

    INDIA rocks anywhere there is a no matter of the venues

  5. rahul says:

    and always b on top this is my prediction

  6. rahul says:

    world cup 2015 winner – INDIA

  7. ajay says:

    England gonna rock!!!! 2015 crickect world cup champions :) fuckers indian team..

  8. Shridhar Donde says:

    It is India For Sure.India Will Beat Pakistan in Semi Final Of World Cup 2015.

  9. Suraj says:

    2015 the aussies gonna lift it

    • Vin says:

      Did you see what happened in the ashes they are not even able to lift their dicks, how do you dream about them lifting the cup again.

  10. usman says:

    what you all guyz are upto ?

  11. Hdjf says:

    Etihad stadium could be a possible venue

  12. srinandhini says:

    india gonna rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  13. navdeep says:

    india will rule once again in world cup 2015.Jai hind!!!! maza toh tab aayega jab pakistan ko haraoge final mein!!!!!!!!!!!!! that will be rocking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Nazim says:

    No Doubt..ThE WorlD CuP Is FoR AustraliA…And Da PlayeR oF dA SerieS WilL bE DaviD WarneR…

  15. Sidd Aroskar says:

    Australia will win the 5th title in SCG

  16. zam says:

    the cup>>>>>>>>>>>>>> BANGLADESH

  17. mantu singh says:

    india will win

  18. Alok Tripathi says:


  19. Lachlan says:

    Take out any stadiums under 20000

  20. Wrik says:

    India will win the 2015 World Cup.

  21. Raygroup says:

    Srilanka vs australia wc finale 2015.india will reach semis & the player of the series will be an indians

  22. Mohammed says:

    pak win 2015 with record audience tv viewer around the world

  23. Mohammed says:

    2015 wc for pak

    final india vs pak

  24. Sameer Guru says:

    East and west India is the best,don’t worry guys Tendulkar will play 2015 world cup and trust me India will beat Pakistan no matter what and that’s will be world winner for me.

  25. Prakash says:

    India will win…VIRAT KHOLI WILL be the HERO Of 2015 world cup..

  26. bilal says:

    i think pakistan win world cup 1992 in australia. nd again pakistan win this cup

    • knn murthy says:

      game of uncertanity. why not baangladesh. already it has won against india, aussies, pakistan, srilanka, zimbabwe why to underestimate baangladesh.

      they are improving and improved lot. the game of the day, any team can win with no match fixing keeping up rapo of the game.

      knn murthy

  27. William says:

    Its really good to have the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup in Australia and New Zealand

  28. Sam says:

    i’d do it like this
    MCG (3 round robin + final)
    Adelaide Oval (3 round robin + semi-final)
    SCG (3 round robin + quarter-final)
    Gabba (3 round robin + quarter-final)
    WACA (3 round robin)
    Bellerive Oval (3 round robin)
    Manuka Oval (2 round robin)
    Ray Mitchell Oval (1 round robin)
    New Zealand
    Eden Park (3 round robin + quarter-final + semi-final)
    McLean Park (3 round robin + quarter-final)
    Seddon Park (4 round robin)
    Basin Reserve (3 round robin)
    Wellington Regional Stadium (3 round robin)
    University Oval (3 round robin)
    Queenstown Events Centre (2 round robin)

  29. Hope sachin won’t play……

  30. N.AJAY VENKATESH says:

    south africa deserve 2015 cricket world cup for jacques kallis.India won 2011 cricket world cup for sachin tendulkar.

  31. Atheek says:

    No matter what it will be two asian countries in the final and maybe Sri lanka will strike this time.

  32. jojo says:

    hi its jojo 69 or 96

  33. Bob Roberts says:

    Australia will win the World Cup in 2015 for Michael Clarke as they did for Glenn McGrath in 2007.

  34. Sandeep Murali Sukdeep hard-dick says:

    Hi jai ho india! sachin! sachin! Win! Jai Ho!

  35. Subhod V Acharya says:

    In this World cup 2015 India and South Africa will go the final.
    Finally India will get the World Cup 2015

  36. atanu sarkar says:


  37. Sainath says:

    Jai ho india won the 2015 world cup

  38. Trilochan patro says:

    there is no result in 2015 worldcup final.

  39. Nayam Rafique says:

    India are strong favourites but the Aussies are always strong at home.So, both these teams are strong contenders for the title. Whichever, venue hosts the matches but the final should be held at the MCG. Due to its huge capacity, its a stadium made for massive occasions like the WC final.

  40. Nayam Rafique says:

    My pick:
    opening match: Adelaide Oval
    Quarter-finals: ANZ stadium(aus) and Westpac stadium(nz)
    Semi-finals: SCG(aus) and Eden Park(nz)
    Final: MCG(aus)

  41. aliyan says:

    ye sab jhoot he only pakistan will win pakistan zindabad

  42. 2015 cricket world champs is MY “INDIAN” team

  43. All happy’s game spirit is mosft imp of. Any nation and cricket day s is most memorable in our youth.

  44. Sanan says:

    Fuck u india.pak wil win.

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